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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

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Market your Business with Social Media

What is social media

Forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos)

In short – a platform for users to share ideas, media and messages with other users.

What sites and platforms are the best for social

Facebook — (10/10)
Instagram — (8/10)
Twitter — (7/10)
Pinterest — (5/10)

Linkedin — (8/10)
Youtube — (4/10)
Tumblr — (2/10)
Flickr — (2/10)
Snapchat — (1/10)
Reddit — (1/10)
Periscope — (1/10)

Other Sites
Google: My Business  — (15/10)
Yelp  — (9/10)

Do you need social media? Find your core platform.

– What is your Business:

Comparatively, a bank is a much different institution than an auto mechanic. Find what platform your business traits will thrive on and focus effort on that platform. There are instances where you might have many platforms.

– Who is your Audience:

Is your audience 25-65 and female? Is your audience kids under 12 years old? Finding out your audience can greatly influence what platform to use.

– Figure out  your cost / benefit of social media posting

How much time does it take you to post to Twitter? Do you need to hire someone else to manage your social media presence? These things you need to think about when going through the process.

– At first, think about social media less as clicks and more about awareness.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get 300 likes on your first post. At first, think of social media as a billboard on the side of the road. You want to build up awareness before you start seeing progress.

– Eventually measure the value of what you do. Return on investment.

Over time – figure out if it’s worth it. Are you having success with any new clients or are your posts falling into a black hole?

– How successful is social media in your area.

Sadly, Walkersville is very slow on the social media front. However, with new residents and new opportunities – social might be a big factor in years to come.

What Should you post?

– Post relevant info to your business or organization

If you are a handyman – post things about construction and DIY. If you are a restaurant, post about your food. Post about local things that might catch the eye of someone nearby. Try not to stray away from your core business traits.

– Post with purpose – and have an end plan in mind.

Do you want more customers or clients? Do you want them to visit your webpage and buy a product? Do you want them to call you? Make sure you have a plan set as you post. Most posts don’t need to be totally focused on this, but the majority should.

– Try not to repost info from your competitor.

If a local auto repair shop created a great blog post that caught your eye, but you also do auto repair – think twice about reposting it, unless you are trying to help them out. Most of the time people will see that on your timeline and follow through to use them instead.

– Try to avoid politics, religion and hot topics.

Try to avoid things that segregates society into groups, unless your business focuses on that topic. There’s no point in addressing any polarizing hot topics if you don’t need to.

– Posts are etched in stone. 

Everything you post can possibly be tracked back to you, even deleted posts. Just because you may have a small audience doesn’t mean that you will in a couple years. Anyone can take a screenshot of what you write, don’t fall victim to trolls or people out to get revenge.

How to gain an audience

– Ask friends / family / co-workers / employees / clients to like your page

Go ahead, ask Uncle John to like your Facebook page – it’s not going to hurt. However, don’t force them to do it. Also, don’t place incentives on positive postings – like sales or free stuff. Most of the time the sites have it in their terms of service that it is illegal to do this.

– Follow local businesses, organizations, people.

Follow people in your community or experts in your field. Most of the time, if you follow them they will follow you back.

– Join local organizations, network organizations

Do real world networking. Get out there, join groups and organizations that can get you exposure.

Full Service Websites

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