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What Have I Done?

Have you ever started something, then realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake and you’re in too deep to turn back?

It started out as a simple logo redesign because I had found some spare time. Over the course of a month, it snowballed into a monster that I couldn’t control. The logo design turned into a total website reconstruction. I scrapped tons of designs, code was deleted, templates were ripped to shreds, Photoshop files grew to unmanageable file sizes. I liked where the site was going, but I hit the point of no return.

As a developer, this always happens to me – especially with my own personal projects. I really don’t know when to stop. The most interesting projects I’ve created have never seen the light of day, because I get past the fun, creative part and get bored with the drudgery of adding content.

This site was different. It was like drinking medicine that tastes awful – I knew I had to finish it for the greater good, but it was going to be terrible. The worst part was the project pages. I totally rebuilt 48 project pages from scratch.

Looking back, I’m glad I went in head first, the site looks good. Sometimes the best things come from jumping without looking. I think if I would have stepped back to see where I was going, I would have procrastinated and the site would still be on my hard drive.